Sunday, September 13, 2009

Out of the Closet.....No, not THAT way!

I reorganized my linen closet, went through the dresser drawers for three out of my four kids, and reorganized my underwear drawer. And school started back up (yeah) and my son is progressing to potty independence (YEAH), so I'm ready for another spurt of blogging, though there will also be plenty of homework checking, and projects to start up again, etc. etc.

My husband even got caught up in the craziness a little and he went through HIS dresser. We finally took his mission suit to Goodwill. He was one skinny kid back then. When he walked behind a telephone pole, it took a few minutes to come out the other side. I like to think my homemade bread put a little weight on him, but I can't be sure. Anyway, after years of lurking in back of several closets, this dark gray pinstripe suit finally walked out the door.

That was also the day I found another box of maternity clothes in the garage unit, and I went through them. Just shirts, some nice and some "ack", and they went to a good home. I'm pretty sure I'm done having kids. I have an even two and two and this body of mine creaks and aches and the thought of staying up nights with a colicky baby sends me into shock. But looking at those actually say, "you don't really need to hang onto these"...gave me a moment of pause. No more fresh baby smell, no more little bundle of softness curled up on my chest while I snatch some sleep, no more tiny fingers getting caught in my hair...all that's receding into memory.

I'm not in any hurry to become a grandmother, but if a strange lady walks up to you and asks to hold your little one while you're struggling with grocery bags and your keys trying to get in the house before your dog scratches up recliner, it may just be me. I'll give him/her back, I just need a little aromatherapy. Just two minutes, really!

Fine. I'll wait for my grandchildren.


Lourie said...

I gave away all my maternity clothes before we moved across the country. I am done. I also gave away the bassinet, and the swing(s). Yep...I am done. But, babies are wonderful. And when they are not yours, it's even better because when the poop or cry you get to say, "He wants you now." hahaha.

Sarah Bishop Jackson said...

It is amazing what we hold on to...and what we find in the back of a closet. Speaking of closets, I need to go through some. :)

Mamma Christine said...

Sigh. Aromatherapy is a great way to describe it. Love babies. Not sure I can do another one of my own though.