Thursday, September 3, 2009

It is Indeed the Little Milestones that Count

My three year old went to the potty BY HIMSELF, without letting anybody know beforehand (not that he ever does) and NOTHING was found in his underpants.

Booya! Bomb on target!


Lourie said...

All right! I love it when they do stuff like that.

Sarah Bishop Jackson said...

You are on the way!!

T&JCrawford said...

LOL! Ha! You still have a three year old!?!?! My youngest is almost seven!!! Did I totally miss the point of that blog? I got something totally different out of that than you did!?!?

Mamma Christine said...

Hip Hip Hooray!! He's catching on...tomorrow it will be time to hand over the car keys.

Pam said...

YEA Tina, how about, NO MORE DIAPERS!!!!
OR I don't have to be embarrassed when they go to preschool and have to still have a diaper change!!!