Tuesday, September 29, 2009


As a nursery leader, I'm always looking for the better bubble blower. Bubbles are great for the last five minutes of classtime when the toddlers (18 months to 3 years old) are anxiously awaiting Mom and Dad. Huffing through a tiny bubble wand can make you dizzy, so it helps if you can find a little machine to do it for you. I tried this one out on my own nursery age kid to see how it would fare.

First of all, it made big bubbles. Yeah the kids would love that.

Young kids instinctively want to catch bubbles. When they discover they can never really hold a bubble, they resort to indiscriminate popping. A toddler is incapable of "just watching" a bubble float in the air.

Oh! A bubble is getting away! Get it! Get it!

Hmmm. The bubbles aren't floating up anymore.

The bubble juice is starting to froth up instead of bubbling up so well.

Yeah, that didn't last even 5 minutes. It's descending into "rabies bubbles" even now. Oh well. Back to the manual huffing and puffing. Okay for occasional backyard play, but it won't make the nursery cut. We have high standards in there you know.



Pam said...

Oh my that would make a great mess in the church! I have a little hand wand that runs on batteries and blows quite a few out at the same time, little ones.
Do you do the bubbles inside or out?

Lourie said...

We always held the wand in front of a fan. Another technique is waving your arm or spinning in a circle. I liked the fan best.

Terresa said...

That last pic is amazing. Photoshop (and bubbles) rock!

Sarah Bishop Jackson said...

Bubbles are great even though they are messy!

Nicole said...

Oooh that last pic was cool! but our nursery leader got in trouble for blowing bubbles in the Church. Yikes!

Momnerd said...

LOL, too funny! Looks like fun! I teach preschool from home and I use bubbles a lot too! I love watching them play with the bubbles....as long as I don't pass out from blowing.

Ann said...

There is a bubble blower gun at wal-mart for just a few dollars. it is amazing!!!n