Saturday, August 1, 2009

When your boss is no longer your boss...

My husband has been told that his company is no longer going to be providing certain maintenance on certain military planes and that a new company will be doing it. But then the new company offers to keep him doing exactly what he has been doing. So we are thinking, okay, so what happens with pay/benefits/etc.? It was a lot of shock in a short period of time. I wonder if employees of merged companies get this kind of turnabout and confusion? He should know more in a few days, but it's not like this contract has a lot of life left anyway. All the planes will be done in a couple of months. Why would you switch contractors when there is so little time left at the end? But then this is the military we are dealing with. I'm sure vets of every stripe could tell us wacky stories of military logic and efficiency. I am not knocking any individual in the military. It is the nature of large organizations to end up with interesting procedures when dealing with many, many outside service providers. And sometimes that blind corners make you dizzy.

Upside is, my hubby can probably work for the new company until he finds something that fits better for our family. That's better than an unemployment line any day.

And we get to practice having faith. Isn't it interesting you have to have these hiccups to test your testimony?


Sarah Bishop Jackson said...

Newell has been through buyouts twice. It is better being in the company that does that buyout than in the company that got bought out. Both times the benefits remained the same....... for a time; BUT BOTH times he eventually got laid off. When the company that does the buyout has/is the same type as the company being bought out they eventually replace the ones being bought out with their own as there is usually job duplication. His last job wasn't a buyout (so to speak) it was a new CEO and he eventually put his own people in there. That was one of the reasons Newell lost his last job (along with the bad economy).

I am not saying this will happen to Mike and his company isn't being bought out so it is a little different....but the concept is the same. Keep your eyes open for new possibilities/jobs.

Ann said...

Yikes Robyn. If that were me writing the post it would definitly have a lot more freeking out in it!! We will keep you guys in our prayers!