Monday, August 24, 2009

Say What: A brand new game!

My three year old son, who is in the middle of being potty trained, got hold of a dice game today. There are six sets of six dice, each set a different color. We play it sometimes when the kids are bored but I think they've had enough television for the day.

I was cleaning up the kitchen and I can see into the living room from there. My son was on the floor.

"Mom! J has dice in his underpants!" singsongs the eldest.

Not really paying attention I say, "So put them back in the box."


"What? He's dry."

"No way!"

So I tell the little walking cement mixer to dump his load. He was disappointed but he giggled as he jumped around trying to bounce them out. My eldest was still grossed out. I literally had my hands full of ... something, I don't I told older sister to get a baggie, gather the dice, and I'd wash them later.

I guess that's the toddler version of "craps".
(Badoom Ching)


Lourie said...

Craps! hahha. I think my son--also 3--would do this same thing. And my oldest daughter would also be saying, "ewwww!" hahaha. I guess some things are universal.

westonkrogstadt said...

Interesting blog. I live in Phoenix, I served in the Oregon Prtland Mission from 1990-1992, it sure was a nice place. Keep up the good work.

Mamma Christine said...

LOL! Oh we are SO into the potty humor around here right now. I have no girls to temper out my boys so I think this may be a LOOOONG phase :)

Sarah Bishop Jackson said...

What a hoot! I love reading all the goings on in your family!

Pam said...

I thought it was suppose to be
"badaboom ching?" eh?