Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Berry pickin' time

In vacant lots, abandoned fields, heck, just about anywhere people can't spend the time to cut them back, the blackberry bushes are starting to tempt us with their first fruit.

The thorns on those long creepers are heinous. Sometimes only the shorter people can get at them.

This branch disliked me enough to confiscate my hat. So much for protection.

And of course if you're berrypicking with little ones, they are bound to eat more than they save, but that is just a given. So are sticky fingers and smart alecks that cry "I'm bleeding!" until they actually get a thorn in a leg and then they scream "AAAAH, I'M BLEEDING!"

I promise this is not an endorsement for a cell phone company. This is just the picking crew.

A modest first harvest. Give it a couple weeks and we'll really bring 'em in.

Let's see; pie, jam, or just freeze them for cereal topping....decisions, decisions.


Sarah Bishop Jackson said...

Make any or all of the above with the berries.........all are yummy!!

T&JCrawford said...

Wow, your kids are getting so big!

T&JCrawford said...

Great pictures!

Nicole's crazy Blog said...

That would make a good cell phone pic. And I say Pie!!! We miss our blackberry bushes in UT an my annual bb pie...enjoy some for me!