Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Do the LiMBO

As in that weird place between death and final rest, or between major life changes.

Some people get laid off with little or no warning. My husband's contract we have a vague knowledge of, sometime between August and October, and the company doesn't post new jobs for current employees to have a crack at first (yeah, I know, doesn't make sense. Do they WANT to have high turnover?).

So my hubby has been casually searching, actively applying, trying for anything remotely requiring his skill set and offering similar pay and benefits. Now his line has a nibble and he's going to reel it in and see if it's big enough to keep, or throw it back in there and hope for a better one while the clock ticks.

Along with "is this the job?" is "are we staying or moving?" Not as simple as it seems for us. There are a lot of opportunities for guys like him if they are willing to travel - a lot and for extended periods of time. Not so many opportunities for guys that want to stay put. So we could end up moving, but why move if he wouldn't be home most of the time anyway? Might as well save the moving expenses right?

That's why we're in limbo. Thankfully we are not unemployed and we like to keep it that way. We'll gratefully take the limbo of "what job next" than the panic of "gotta get a job NOW!"

I have a feeling the Bishop is going to regret calling my hubby as Scoutmaster. My hubby was upfront with him. "I'm looking for other work. I don't know how long I'll be living in the ward." The Bishop called him anyway. My hubby took the job, which seems will entail organizing the scouts for an overnighter and the big week of Scout Camp which he may not even be able to attend himself.

I can just see my hubby explaining things:
"Hey, Bishop, I start work with another company in two weeks. Here's the list of boys going to Scout Camp. You'll need to get another Scoutmaster."

GASP! "But.. but...you're still in the ward right?"

"Well, my family will be here, but I'm going to be working two states away for weeks at a time. I told you before I may not be able to keep doing this long."

"But, you can still go to Scout Camp right? Right?"

"I start work that same week."

"Oh. Oh. Well. I guess if you gotta go, you gotta go. So your wife will still be here?"

"Yeah, my wife and the kids are staying for now."

Oh good! Well at least you aren't taking away our nursery leader away from us! (laughs) We'd really be in a pickle."

She's been in there two years plus, Bishop."

"Great! Experience! That's just what we need in there. You just about scared me to death there! Whew! (under his breath) Dodged that bullet."

"What was that Bishop?"

"Oh nothing! God bless you!"

Okay, sorry about that, daydreaming online. Whoa, I'm spending way too much time on here. Quick, get out now while you still can! AAAAAAAAH!


Pam said...

Good Grief what a predicament!
Only YOU could handle this.

Nicole's crazy Blog said...

That was awesome!! As the wife of both a former scout master and a counselor in the bishopric, I can totally see that conversation happening...There is a fine line between inspiration and desperation!

Ya know, I have several friends who have husbands working states away from home. It is tough, but it works out in the end as is often temporary. Best of luck...limbo sucks.

T&JCrawford said...

Just move back here to St. George. After going to Hawaii, I think I have a few ideas of tourist ideas that would work for Southern Utah. TOUR GUIDE! They get so many tips and I could help in the summer. Just leave the airline industry and start a family business here guiding tourists and getting tips!

Sarah Bishop Jackson said...
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Sarah Bishop Jackson said...

Darn, you can't edit your comments....you have to delete.

What a wonderful opportunity....even if you are in limbo now! Please keep us informed!!

Sarah Bishop Jackson said...

Guess that will teach me to proof read before posting...sometimes my spelling is lacking or my hands are on the wrong keys. :)

warnser said...

Good luck with the Limbo,
I'm kind of in that spot too,
I know it's about time for me to find something else, but what and where, and when, and how.

That is weird though that they don't post new opportunities for their current employees.
Either way, best of luck.