Monday, July 27, 2009

Casually training... is there such a thing?

It's going to be 100 outside in a couple of hours. I didn't have the heart to put clothes on my 3 year old. The diapers looked oh so uncomfortable. He's in training pants and nothing else. I'm hoping that will keep him cool, and he'll finally start to get the fact that dry pants are nice and the toilet is really God's gift to mankind.

My kids have trained later than most. I've accepted that. I can't stand the power struggles, so I'm not trying to set a goal for when he is trained, (other than Kindergarten registration) but I'm just trying to encourage him when I remember it's been a while since he last "went".

My older son is at Cub Scout Day camp. I took him to the church to catch his carpool there and they passed out t-shirts made special for the week. He actually started to put the t-shirt on OVER his Cub Scout uniform shirt. I kiboshed that.

"You will NOT need two shirts on."

"But Mom..(turning red in the face)"

"No. Take the cub shirt off before you put the t-shirt on. I don't know what you're embarrassed about. You're constantly going shirtless at home."

He changed shirts.

I'm planning on taking the other kids swimming later. It takes above 90 degree heat before I'll get in a swimming suit myself. The feeling like I'm roasting to death has to occur before I'll get over the threat of blinding other people in public.

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Sarah Bishop Jackson said...

So, did he enjoy camp?

When I was Cub Master, I had the opposite problem.....boys not dressing warm enough.