Monday, June 8, 2009

"Up we go, into the wild blue yonder...."

My husband is a Boy Scout leader (11 year olds). He found out the Air National Guard was inviting scout groups to come on base and check out some of their equipment, so he took his one scout, yes one, and our cub scout son to go check it out. My 8 year old son took charge of the camera. After wading through the blurred pics, we came up with these...

A falconer? Okay. I thought our military had more sophisticated scouting equipment but maybe the Taliban are getting better at shooting those UAVs down.

My son has started his own patch collection so I imagine he was envying these.

I love looking at old uniforms.

There were other groups there such as the Civil Air Patrol, and the local police department with their cruisers and motorcycles, which my son had to try out.

My husband was probably doing his best not to totally "geek out" over the hardware in the hummer. I have to admit that the pictures that were in focus were pretty cool. The problem with short photographers is that you see more nose than you want to see.

And the best part of the tour...oh yeah.

My son looks pretty comfy in there. Can you imagine how skinny the pilots have to be to fit in there? Overweight claustrophobics need not apply.


Emmy said...

Wow! Impressive pictures from an 8 year old! I love the one where you can see his reflection in the mirror!
My husband is the 11-year-old Scout leader to.

Sarah Bishop Jackson said...

Cool pictures. Neat thing to take the 11-year-old-scouts to. (I really wish they could come up with a different name)