Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I'm tied hand and foot....and mouth?

The number of kids in the ward nursery is growing again...and apparently so is something else. I just got a call from the Primary president. She said that she got word from one of her counselors, that heard it from the visiting teacher of another woman, that her son has hand foot and mouth disease and that he got it from the nursery. The woman is also telling other people about it too.

We have signs on the nursery doors that ask if parents have sick kids to keep them home. I also try to keep the toys clean, and keep noses wiped, and apply hand sanitizer on the kids' hands and my hands before snack time. We wipe down the table after snack time. We're also not the only ward to use the toys. There are two other wards that use the same toys. There are also Enrichment nights held during the week where young ones are brought to the nursery to play while their moms get a break. I don't know that it's possible to eradicate all germs so nobody gets sick at any time.

I guess it just irks me that the parent who has the concern didn't come talk to me directly. I'm a mom too. I get it.

Maybe each ward needs to create a new calling: Hazmat crew.

Duties of the Holy Hazmat:

1. Open sanitation exercises with prayer, scripture, and hymn.

2. Put on gloves, hazmat suit, full ventilation mask.

3. Open windows for ventilation. Wipe down walls, doors, doorknobs, baseboards, cabinets, counters, and large toys with strong bleach solution. Bring in long hose from custodian's closet and spray down the room. Use wet-vac to suck out excess water from wall-to-wall carpet. Use heat fans to raise the temperature in the room to 500 degrees fahrenheit to kill any remaining microbes.

4. Take all other toys outside. Scrub with bleach cleanser, rinse, let air dry in full sun, then spray copiously in Lysol disinfectant until soaking wet, then air dry again.

5. Bring in irradiation unit from meat packing plant and irradiate all small toys.

6. Install decontamination pods at all nursery doors. All children will be wiped down before admittance, mucous samples taken and analyzed. A child found with a virus/bacterial infection will be quarantined in the pod until all family members can be rounded up, sanitized, and sent home with a get well card and a box of tissues. The child will not be allowed in the nursery again until they can produce a doctor's certificate verifying the wellness of the child.

7. All other children in the nursery will put on plastic or latex gloves before playing the toys. Children who pick their noses will have to return to the decontamination pods for a scrubdown and new gloves applied before returning to the nursery.

8. Children who soil their diapers will be returned to the decontamination pod to await their parents to come and sanitize them. All diaper materials must go in the hazardous bins and decontamination procedures completed in the restrooms. (Refer to new handbook for other new callings of "Waste Management Sanctification Squad" and "Purity Protection and Proseltyzation Purveyors")

9. Cleanup time will include spot irradiation for all toys. Children will wear protective goggles and lead smocks as they assist in this process.

10. Snack time will require training of the children in the use of disposable utensils, napkins, surgical scrubdown and a fresh set of plastic or latex gloves. Drool is forbidden and will result in a visit to the decontamination pod.

That should do it don't you think?


Pam said...

Well I THINK you have something there. Great solution! You should copy this solution and give it to the Primary President AND the Bishop. You'll become famous! LOL

Pam said...

BY THE WAY Don't you think it's time to request a new job? You are going to become like some of those old bishops who kept their jobs for 30 years!!

breehill said...

To help reinforce proper hygiene, I tried this great new program with my kids called Germy Wormy Germ Smart. It helped even my 3 year old understand how germs spread and how to NOT spread germs. It was so much fun, and it was amazing how quickly they learned healthier hygiene habits!

Sarah Bishop Jackson said...

I understand about the germs as I do daycare. The thing that bug me the most is parents bringing their child when the child is sick because they just "have to go to work". Those generally are the ones that get all huffy if their child gets sick from another child at the daycare.

Ginny said...

Although diseases are more common in nursery settings it doesnt mean it came from there. I think in general its difficult to keep kids from getting sick. I really feel like ranting on the subject because I have stayed home many days with my girl, but I will leave that to my own blog. =)

Rainy Day Farm said...

That is so awesome! I was falling off my chair laughing, although when it is you who is the nursery leader it's not so funny! Why is the nursery so disgusting? I have to send my youngest in that deathtrap in September. I am soooooooooooooo not looking forward to a winter of nonstop illness! Good luck!