Thursday, June 4, 2009

I know "why" but I don't have to like it....

My now 7 year old daughter and her classmates did a great job in their musical program last night. The music teacher, Mrs. Fletcher and the P.E. teacher, Mrs. Roney, and Si Barron and Linda Ota and Suzanne Chimenti and Mr. Owens, my daughter's teacher, all did themselves proud.

It was their last performance.

Mr. Owens, Mrs. Fletcher, Mrs. Roney and who know how many more, will no longer be working at our school. My son's teacher Mr. Lewis is getting the boot too.

Some good people are leaving us and it makes me so mad....I'm mad at the former superintendant; the one that mismanaged district funds so that days had to be cut from this school year, that got to leave WITH A CAR and a hefty severence package. You can bet these awesome teachers will not be getting more than maybe a "thank you" and a reference letter. These teachers put so much into my children's education, and there is nothing I can do so they can keep their jobs here.

It's not right.

God bless them. I hope they find better jobs in better districts where they don't spend every penny they get so they can weather bad times without firing teachers.

And God bless our children.


Pam said...

It seems if this country is being turned upside down when it comes to principles. A lawyer in town here, Matt Graff is now in jail because he got money from the Levitt Insurance Co. in behalf of the plane victims of our Dr. who went to Moab and Matt skipped town with 600000 thousand. Tell me this isn't happening all over the place? I'm so glad your Dad has made me proud of his behavior through the years as an example of a GOOD lawyer.

Sarah Bishop Jackson said...

Robyn, I am sorry!!

Pam....I am proud of Will, too!!