Monday, June 29, 2009


We went to Trillium Lake Campground, south of Mount Hood. Glad we reserved a spot because the campground was FULL.

Bugs, bugs, and more bugs.

But the kids had fun roasting hot dogs, making smores, and nearly freezing their little behinds off. I could not believe how far the temperature dropped that night. Not fun.

We all lived, and without frostbite, but at one point in the night I hear my youngest say, "Hey! You in my fweeping bag!" and then some rustling. Turns out he had gotten into his older sister's bag. He got back in his bag and went back to sleep. I wish he would have visited me, I could have used a warm teddy bear.

My husband and his sister tried some fly fishing at the lake. They weren't lucky this time, but some others managed to get a few.


Terresa said...

Fly fishing, tent cuddling and smores, what more does one need?

We just got back from camping, too. And my kids cried the whole trip home (they loved it that much!).

Sarah Bishop Jackson said...

What cute pictures. We went camping a lot with our kids, too. I do hate it when it gets darn right cold at night....which makes for not a good nights sleep (unless you are prepared).

Momof5 said...

I'm soooooo jealous! We are so wanting to camp soon when all the kids get back from summer missions! We miss the Colorado camping though. East coast camping isn't the same type of wilderness camping like in the west. Oh well, smores taste the same no matter where you are! Love the pics!