Friday, May 22, 2009

Who switched my baby girl with this seven year old?

I had to have pitocin to convince this kid to wake up long enough to be born. She's still hard to wake up in the morning. But when she does, she's a livewire.

She has the most active imagination...constant stories and movies running in her head. If I'm not careful, I'll walk in a room to find her in intense dialogue with imaginary characters. Wild like the wind, her untamed hair reflects her happy go lucky soul.

She loves to dress up, play with dolls, and write her own little books.

She's all girl and she loves looking pretty. (A shock for me, considering I was the definitive tomboy growing up.) And watch out when her mood turns south, full speed drama ahead!

But on the whole, she just a sweetie. Her brothers are going to have a job keeping the suitors at bay in the future. Happy Birthday Bug!


Rebecca Talley said...

They grow up soooo fast. I keep wondering who switched my newborn baby for the 22-year-old man that claims he's my son.

Darling photos!

Rainy Day Farm said...

Sounds like our daughters would get along just peachy. Mine has every barbie movie there is to have, and we view them regularly. I too was a tomboy and am at a loss sometimes with her. Hope your daughter had a great day.