Monday, May 18, 2009

Okay, that's just weird.

My father used to shake his head every time he saw me eating cold cereal without milk. "How can you eat that dry?" he'd marvel on many a school morning.

I disliked soggy cereal.

These days my family eats oatmeal. I usually put some oats, a little brown sugar, salt, water and frozen blueberries in a bowl and nuke it. Milk cools it down. Good stuff. That's how my youngest son used to eat it.

Now, he eats it cold. Not "gone cold after it's been cooked", but "ready to cook but not cooked". Blech. But he eats it, well most of it. I guess he likes crunchy oatmeal and icy blueberries.


Rebecca Talley said...

Interesting way to eat oatmeal.

My daughter is addicted to cold cereal. I think when she goes to college that's all she'll eat.

Pam said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAH Turn around is fair play. Your Dad had a good laugh at that one!! Way to freak your mom out Ben!

Sarah Bishop Jackson said...

Well, I love to eat oatmeal cookie dough.....does that count for eating uncooked oatmeal??? :)

Ginny said...

HAHAHAHA! I agree with you definetly a blech.