Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Holiday Stuff

We went to Benson State Recreation Area in the Columbia River Gorge for some fishing. My husband just saw the lake on a map and thought we would try our fishing luck there, not realizing it was a state recreation area. The wind was really whipping up and our lines got tangled beyond all hope, so we gave that up and decided to bring out the sandwiches at one of the picnic tables.

After a little more exploring, we found another little lake on the opposite end from where we were. This lake was surrounded with picnickers, sunbathers, and swimmers. We hadn't planned on swimming because even though the weather was sunny, it was still cool with the prevailing winds and we figured the rivers and lakes were still flush with glacial melt water (i.e. brrrrr). The kids ended up in the water anyway, although just up to the knees. They asked to come back again to swim. Maybe when it's hot enough to broil my brain...

It's a nice area, not as "away from it all" as some places. It has a freeway on the north border, a railway on the south border, and the lakes are on the east and west ends. There is plenty of grass and trees for shade, picnic tables, a pavilion, restrooms and generous parking. I think we'll try going on a weekday next time. I don't like crowds that much.

It was pretty crowded, although not as crowded as Rooster Rock Park, which had the onramp backed up a good mile.

It was nice to get out on a beautiful day.


Sarah Bishop Jackson said...

Neat place. It's always fun to explore and find new things to do.

Nicole's crazy Blog said...

did your son have to ride home in his underwear? That is how my boys rate a good outing...if they got dirty enough to ride home in their skivvies. Looks fun!

mormonhermitmom said...

Ha! My hubby and I discussed having ride home in his undies, but we found some extra shorts in the car. To tell the truth the shorts didn't cover much more than his underwear. LOL