Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday Movie Night: My kids go to Youtube when they are desperate

The other night my kids saw one of these clips, and since we didn't have the DVD, figured out how to watch the movie bit by bit on Youtube. I couldn't help singing along to this number, and my kids TOLD ME TO SHUT UP. I do NOT have that bad of a voice. I can sing on key. (You sing some lullabies to them when they are young and you are sleep-deprived and you are branded for life.)

Oh well. You can sing along if you want to. Please do.

And for those who know Spanish, this one is for you!

Yeah, I know. It has nothing to do with my birthday but it's not like I'm advertising the event;).


Ann said...

so, how is it that I just found this blog of yours?!? How many freakin blogs do you have that I am unware of!? Which one do you want me to read? happy birthday, AGAIN! haha

Andrew said...

Yes! You got the Castilian Spanish version! Below are the lyrics if you want to read them.

Meg (hablando):
Pero, ¿qué me ocurre? Una tendría que entender la lección.

Si hablas de amar a un gran hombre
a lo peor te equivocas.
Luego el dolor se te refleja,
la historia es vieja te vuelves loca.

¿A quién crees que engañas?
Él es Tierra y Paraíso,
no uses artimañas.
Nena, sólo es un aviso,
no te hagas la fría,
claro como el día
vemos tu interior.

¿Qué va?
No habléis, no lo acepto, no, no.

Por él estás, ¿de qué vas?

Es un cliché, yo lo sé, no es amor.
Todo es hermoso en el principio,
el corazón se nos salta,
la mente grita: "Ten más juicio
si es que no quieres llorar por nada".

Tú sigue negando
lo que quieres, lo que sientes.
No estamos tragando.
Es amor, es evidente
Tienes que admitirlo
te ha pillado fuerte.
Dilo y ya, ya, ya está.

¿Qué va?
Ni hablar, no lo digo, no, no.

Tú estás por él,
mírate, míralo.

¿Así lo veis?
Yo lo sé, no es amor.

Nos dio el bis, repetís: "No es amor".

Que no lo veis, yo lo sé.

Si no es amor, será, será.

Que me dejéis, yo lo sé.

Deja el desdén, sabes bien que es amor.

En alta voz no diré que es mi amor.

Shalalalalala ah.

Pam said...

LIKE which of us can understand you Andy??????
Oh yea, TC!

Pam said...

HEY TC, Robyn has 3 blogs!!!

Sarah Bishop Jackson said...

Three??????????? I only know of two...this one and the abbreviated "family" one. What other one is there?

mormonhermitmom said...

It's the book habit blog. Check out the sidebar part that asks "looking for something to read" or something cockamamie like that.

Ginny said...

You gotta hand it to them for being resourceful. Also, for some reason I am glad your not going to Alaska. It's not like you are down the street or anything. It just seems so far away. =)