Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ah, the moments in a mom's life.

How precious.

I'm on the throne and find the royal tissue missing. I call to the page and he sweetly comes and asks my bidding. ("Wha Ma?)

"Please go to the royal home office and procure the half roll of royal tissue paper and bring it hither."

His angelic face blissfully ignorant, I attempt to communicate again.

"The tissue on my desk, would you bring it please?"

He nods, the little cherub, and .... stands there.

"The tissue. See this?" I point to the empty dispenser. He nods.

"I need tissue."

The little ragamuffin's eyes light up! "Ti-sooo?"

"Yes, tissue! I need tissue. It's by the computer on my desk."

His little dimpled brow furrows, "Pooter?"

"Yes, by my computer is the tissue. Bring me the tissue." He nods again, the little darling, and he toddles off. He's only a few minutes before returning, with the end of the tissue roll in his hand and the tissue roll itself is hidden out of sight. He reaches out to me and I take the end sheet....only to have it break off. The rest of the paper is just out of reach, and my page has retreated to heaven knows where. I call for his assistance but receive no reply.

I am now royally peeved. I must dethrone to pick up the end of the paper trail and return knowing I am unreeling more as I do. My royal duties concluded, I sanitize the royal hands and follow my errant page's paper trail out the throne room door, through the royal suite, down the royal hall and the roll I find nestled in the lofty laundry. Egad. It's so hard to find good help these days.

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Sarah Bishop Jackson said...

Robyn, you are soooo funny. What can I say; I think we have all been there. At least you weren't all alone. :)