Sunday, April 5, 2009

Umm, okay, no accounting for taste.

Weeks ago my three year old kept pointing to the lemon juice concentrate bottle in the fridge. It's a tall green bottle, so I thought he was mistaking it for pop. After trying to explain to him that it was for cooking and not for drinking, he had a meltdown, and I let him learn by experience. He took TWO sips before giving it up.

So I figured, good, he won't try that again.

Um no.

He just asked his dad for some. My hubby gave him some and let me know so I could watch. His lips just pursed ever so slightly. I asked him, "Are you drinking that?"

He nodded, yes.

Then after a SECOND sip, he came to me with the cup and said, "Thi no goo" (This is not good.)

I said, "Okay, go put it in the sink then." Which he did.

I hope some of the other lessons of life don't take two tries for him to learn. Lemon juice is one thing....


Sarah Bishop Jackson said...

It's sad, but some of us need to hit our heads against a brick wall several times before we realize it hurts and not to do it again. :)

Momof5 said...

:* :* When life gives you lemons, suck on 'em, right? Oooooohhhhhhhh, my bad. I still have a lot to learn from 3 yos. Great post! God Bless your puckered face!

mormonhermitmom said...

Ooooh Good Pun! Why didn't I think of that??!