Monday, April 27, 2009

They never really grow up....

Our ward's Elder's Quorum had their own Pinewood Derby this last weekend. The weight limit was half a pound (226 grams) as opposed to the Cub Scout limit of 5 ounces. My hubby really had to work hard to get his creation to that weight. He thought he had it pretty close at home, but the scale at the race kept putting him over until finally he got to one gram shy of the limit.

Liquid lubricant isn't allowed on a pinewood derby car. However there is a dry powder like graphite lubricant that the guys use to make those little plastic wheels run more smoothly. There was all kinds of talk about how to make those things go faster like, "three wheels means less friction" and "Tip your wheels on an edge". I had to wonder if they were just trying to psych each other out. There was plenty of track skipping as the races progressed. You know the crashes are the most entertaining part of the race, as long as it's someone else's car.

My husband's ride did well, third place. Of course there was a lot of, "If we could have only smoothed out the bottom..." or "maybe if the weight was more toward the back/front..." or "I never tried running it backwards..." discussion on the way home. (I did help sand and glue bits underneath so I was just as much a part of the post-race analysis.)

Our kids ran around the gym with all the others, making noise, and just having fun. And then the missionaries came in to join in the basketball, and my son claims they wouldn't let him have the ball, so he attacked the only way he could. It's a good thing those missionaries are so nice, or they might have wiped the floor with him.
Oh wait a minute, they did...

After the races were done, the kids got to smack a pinata. The candy was hit, er was a big hit, all over the gym. My kids were packed with sugar going home.

It was a fun time. It was just a little weird when we noticed we were the oldest folks there. Lots of young marrieds with 1+ children...and we had more kids than anyone. Maybe there ought to be an Older Elder's Quorum.


Terresa said...

Can't wait until my sons are old enough to participate in Pine Wood Derby! I remember going to my brother's races as a young girl...and guess what? I think we were gypped, as the YW never their own PWD! ;)

mormonhermitmom said...

The EQ president's daughter ran her own car during the races that night!

Sarah Bishop Jackson said...

What fun!!

Our ward has on occasion has a derby for everyone and anything goes except 2 things. One it had to be able to fit on the track and Two, no flames. Other than that you could have it anyway you wanted. It has been interesting to see what everyone who entered did to their car. Lots of fun!!