Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sorry Fairbanks....

Well, we did our research

There were a LOT of reasons we wanted to go; New place, lots of outdoors to go play in, smaller town, a job with benefits that would be more long term than contract work, possibly meeting Nicole in person (!).

But it turned out there were a lot of reasons not to go that were a little too compelling; harder on my hubby's diabetic body, too short of a window to move, the move itself would erase years of paying down our debt and dig our hole way too deep.

I feel like it's an opportunity that we just can't take advantage of right now. The government may spend itself into oblivion, but we can't justify $7500+ to move. Yes, that's right. Whether by land or land/sea combo, that's what it would take. Couldn't do it.

I did like Fairbanks' website a lot. A quote from their FAQ page:

"Are the mosquitos bad in Fairbanks?"

No. We have some of the best mosquitos in the world in Fairbanks.

Badoom Ching!


Pam said...

Good, I'm getting tired of family being so far away!!

KelliSue Kolz said...

I moved from Washington to New York - from rural area to rural area. I can't imagine living in Alaska, because of how many days per year it is overcast.

I love Upstate NY. The housing prices are lower, it's the Cradle of the Restoriation, the sun shines more, we have real summers with heat and no drizzle, and my sweetheart lives here. What more could a girl/wife/mom ask for? Ok, lower property taxes, that's a start. Did I mention we have really good bbq chicken, and red hots and white hots?


Sarah Bishop Jackson said...

I wouldn't move to Alaska, either. To me there are just too many "cons" over "pros". ;)

Nicole's crazy Blog said...

I would have loved to meet you too! maybe someday. in the mean time keep blogging. And who is KelliSue? I will have to check her blog out because yet another coincidence is that I was raised in upstate NY, in the cradle of the restoration as she put it.

And I sooooooo agree with your governmeng remarks. How is spending all of this helping. Is it bad to wish this would all fail miserable and we would end up having to defend our food storage just for the satisfaction of saying "I told you so?" or is that pride. hmmmm, I better work on that.

mormonhermitmom said...

First time KelliSue's commented on my blog, don't know her personally, but her smoked maple syrup beans sound awesome. Her husband makes syrup from scratch!