Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter: Grass or Grace

The kids reminded us Easter was coming up. To them Easter is egg decorating, egg hunting and baskets filled with green plastic confetti. In the past I have had fun watching them have fun. This year I just groaned to myself when I thought of the hassle of boiling eggs and the flyers from this organization and that proclaiming "Come see the Easter Bunny!"

Now I know that Easter actually started as Eostre, a festival to some ancient pagan goddess of the spring equinox or whatever. I'm not all that upset that Christians long ago decided to look to Christ as a more fitting symbol of rebirth through his resurrection at this time of year. I try to explain to my kids how Christ's sacrifice for us is so much more important than some imaginary character and marshmallow chicks. I wonder if I'm getting through.

I guess I didn't really take much thought about the resurrection when I was that age. Then again, that was a time when I would hear an occasional prayer at school before a program, and we sung songs at Christmas time that were about the baby Jesus as well as Santa Claus. As our society moves away from God, I feel anxious to make sure the gap in my children's lives is filled with good things about Christ.

My aunt pointed this out to me, and I thought it a fitting tribute to the One who gave His all for us. My testimony is that He lives. Really.


Sarah Bishop Jackson said...

Good post, Robyn. I have also posted that video on my Facebook.

mormonhermitmom said...

Yeah I stole the idea off your facebook entry:).

Sarah Bishop Jackson said...

I loved that talk and cried all the way through it during conference.

Happy Easter, Robyn.

Nicole's crazy Blog said...

Well done. loved it.
I taught my daughter's sunbeam class yesterday. It was a challenge to bring the kids around to the Real Easter, especially since the singing lady had them look for eggs just prior to the lesson. But I think we got the story taught even if they don't quite associate it with Easter yet. Hopefully with perserverence (SP?) it will come.