Saturday, April 18, 2009


Last year, (year and a half?), we had a stroller/bike trailer stolen from us. It was my fault. I forgot to lock the thing up. We went to the apartment manager's office to let them know. They looked through their security tapes and they saw a guy walking out of the parking lot with it. They suggested we report it to the police so that maybe the police would do some more patrols around the complex. We did. The officer taking the report thought it was useless. We knew we weren't getting the stroller back because the police have better things to do. (There were no increased patrols either.) My husband meandered around the neighborhood in case it was a kid that took it as a prank and maybe left it somewhere. No luck. We chalked it up to experience.

Yesterday morning I looked out on our back porch and thought it looked a little cleaner. It didn't dawn on me until my kids came home from school and said, "Where's our stroller?" Then it hit me. Our second stroller/bike trailer was gone. My first thought was, "I know I locked it the last time I put it away." My husband was ticked off. He found the chain just lying there by the bikes with the lock dangling from it. I thought maybe the kids hadn't locked it back up when they had last ridden their bikes, but on closer inspection, the lock had been cut. I showed my husband. "That was premeditated."

He rode around the neighborhood like he did last time. Nothing. We checked to see if the thief (or thieves) tried to cut the bike lock too, but couldn't see any damage on the lock. We may make room for the bikes in our rented storage unit, making it harder for our kids to just go ride when they want to.

I don't think we'll bother going to the police, or checking security tapes in the manager's office, or even replacing the stroller. None of that prevented it from happening again. My youngest is getting pretty big and it won't hurt him to walk a little more this summer. I'm not even that upset really. Last time I was fuming.

The Beattitudes came to my mind. "Do good to those that hate you." etc. I don't know that the thief hates us, probably doesn't even know us. At least I hope the thief doesn't know us. I even hope there was a "good" reason for the theft if such a thing is possible. I hope it was for a real need, like selling it for food or medicine or to pay a bill. I hope it wasn't for drugs or alcohol or just for a thrill. It would be easier for me to accept and forgive if it was for a useful purpose. I guess it's a good thing I don't know who did it and why. It allows me to try to think the best of the situation.

It also reminds me that I need to have better locks.


Sarah Bishop Jackson said...

I am so sorry. I don't care if it was just a stroller, you still feel violated!! When Ryan was on his mission, his bike tires (not the bike) were stolen; the bike was still there chained up. He had to buy 2 new tires the next day.

Sharla said...

Wow, I'm thinking maybe you need to move....I can't believe it happened to you twice. But what a good attitude. By the way, I'm a hermit too. I often go the entire week without going anywhere. Whatcha gonna do? Oh, and it does my heart good to see my button here. Thanks.

Ginny said...

I so dislike thievery. I once had my car broken into and oddly enough the only thing they took was my beach towel.